Empennage  Fairings

RV-4, -6, -6A, -7, -7A, -8, -9 and -9A

Empennage Fairing Sets:  A set of Empennage Fairings consists of three parts.  One large fairing fits over the top of the empennage.  Two smaller fairings fit on each side under the horizontal stabilizers.

Weight Savings:  To maximize weight savings, empennage fairings are shipped without gel coat or primer.  They are designed to "trim to fit".  Minor laminating may be required.


   RV 4                                                 RV 4                                                  RV6, RV 6A, RV 7, RV 7A      

 RV4 : Upper Empennage Fairing        

 RV4:   Upper and Lower Empennage Fairings

Fits: RV6, RV6A, RV7, and RV 7A
(picture courtesy Mark Phillips)

 RV 6, RV 6A, RV 7, RV 7A  RV 8  RV 9, RV 9A

 RV 6, RV 6A, RV 7, RV 7A Empennaage Fairing as you will receive it.

RV  8 Empennage Fairing (view of larger top piece)

 RV 9, RV 9A Empennage Fairing (view of larger top piece)


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