RV-6,  RV-6A,  RV-7,  RV-7A

The wing root firing comes in two parts.  It is jointed in the middle of the wing.  All models can expect to trim the front half of the fairing to length at the location of the rear half.

The RV 6A and RV 7A require three cut-outs.  Two for the step and one for the gear leg.  No additional holes are required in the wing.  A minimum number of screw and nut plates are required in the fuselage.

The wing root fairing you receive is designed to require very little trimming and no laminating.

The initial test flights appeared to have no change in aircraft performance.  The major advantage appears to be cosmetic. 

Many thanks go to Reed Usery for his support and in-put on design. 

The following are pictures of the uninstalled and unpainted fairings.  The set contains eight parts, 4 of which that have not been included here for clarity.

These are pictures of the front half and rear half of the visiable parts of the fairing.

  This the top view of the four pieces shown above of the right and left sides roughly in the relationship they would be on the airplane.
  This is the same configuration as above, but emphasizes the rear portion of the fairings.
  This is a head-on view showing the view of the contour.
   This is the same from the rear.


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Many thanks to Robbie Attaway for the pictures showing placement of the wingroot fairing.