Bob Snedaker has sold Fairings-Etc. to Steve Barnes.  Bob and Steve have worked closely together in this transfer.  Bob is confident that Steve, with his experience in fiberglass and experience in building several RV's gives him the background and the expertise to fabricate Fairings-Etc.'s products at the same level of competence as customers have come to expect. 

Fiberglass Fairings for Experimental Aircraft

Custom made with pride and craftsmanship, Fairings-Etc. fairings can give your

aircraft additional style, sleekness and increased efficiency.  Satisfaction is

guaranteed.  All parts refunded or exchanged.

Value of My Products

  All fairings are designed to "trim to fit."

 Weight savings is maximized as the fairings are shipped without gel coat or primer.

 The fairings fit Van's R-V gear leg fairings and pressure recovery wheel pants.  

 The upper main intersection fairings will locate Van's gear leg fairing.

 The "pain and agony" is taken out of your doing your own  'glass' work       when you purchase my fairings. 

 This allows you to spend more time doing other things on your aircraft.

 All fairings are manufactured by Bob Snedaker in the U.S.A.

 Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Steve Barnes

Shop Phone:  623/536-0951

email:  rvstormer@gmail.com